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Our Story

Blue Knife Solutions is a IT solutions firm providing web and app solutions. Let us Help You get to know us.
Our name exquisitely describes our work. We took the royal color of the world of computing, blue, to signify quality. And we borrowed the knife from 'slice' tool to signify our expertise in web development.
Our Logo has been meticulously crafted to show the closing tags of HTML with the slice tool replacing the '/'.
The directors of Blue Knife Solutions graduated together and started this company as a startup project. Starting with relatively smaller projects, we eventually started to take on even more challenging projects and built an organisation.
This is Our Story and we hope to include you in it.

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Web Development and DevOps

Our team has expertise in the web. With expertise in state-of-the-art technologies such as React, Bootstrap, Angular, Spring Boot, AWS, Ionic, Neo4j, and more, you can be sure to get the best web platforms delivered to you. For DevOps, from developing CI/CD pipelines, to automating test cases, we do it all.

App Development

We have expertise in native and cross-platform apps. Our expertise is in Swift, Kotlin, Java, Ionic, Flutter & Dart. For server-side we have expertise in Firebase, and Cloudkit. We promise to build you beautiful & functional apps.

SEO & Performance Marketing

Our team understands the need for proper SEO, SEM, and Analytics. We have deep understanding of Google and Bing webmasters and how SEO works. We use next-gen image formats, sitemaps, etc. Our team has extensive experience in digital marketing and garuntee you the best results.

IT Consultancy

Be it your home, small business, or an enterprise, it can be challenging to set up an IT infrastructure. Let us help you make it simple. We have deep understanding of latest technologies and we promise to understand your needs and provide you bespoke and personalised IT solutions.

Case Studies

Case studies are an important aspect of documenting and analysing problems in a technology. We would be thrilled to take on new and challenging case studies to analyse and solve problems.

Tech for Equity & Subscriptions

What more do we have to offer? We are a 'tech for equity' company and would be happy to be or work with your in-house tech team for prolonged period and build a meaningful partnership. Not a startup? We have tailor-made subscription plans for you and promise to provide you the best services.


Archisman Bhattacharya
Archisman Bhattacharya
Managing Director, CEO
Vishal Kumar Singh
Vishal Kumar Singh
CTO, Cyber Security Consultant
Gaurang Pande
Gaurang Pande

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